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“Not only has people-to-people communication helped normalize China-Japan relations, but friendship between peoples of the two countries has grown and flourished during its everlasting role in deepening China-Japan relations.”
Wang Yusheng:Friends Weren't Built in a Day

“Although the work often exhausted me to the point where I couldn’t eat or sleep well, I was always grateful for the chance to share in the fate of my motherland.”
11.09.2019 — 59 views
Chas Freeman: Common Sense and Shared Interests Will Bring China and the U.S. Together Again

"China’s current role in international affairs is creating institutions and harmonizing standards of international behavior to benefit not just itself but also other countries."
11.09.2019 — 19 views
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Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation to Benefit the World

Through the diplomatic efforts of the past 70 years, China has created a favorable international environment for its own development and made tremendous contributions to global ...
10.09.2019 — 20 views
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Yang Chengxu: Making Friends and Winning Hearts

“Diplomats should serve national interests by actively introducing China’s foreign policy and economic development with an eye on local conditions.”
09.09.2019 — 16 views
President calls on the group to develop into a world-class communication institution.
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The Power of Sichuan Peppers

Sichuan peppers, with their unique aroma and flavor, have helped farmers rise from poverty while closely bonding officials and residents in Zhanpu Township, Fengdu County.
22.08.2019 — 241 views
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Green Poverty Reduction

Overcoming poverty is a “tough battle,” and protecting the Yangtze River is a “protracted war.” In solving the problems of environmental protection and social development at the...
22.08.2019 — 2072 views
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Rise of “Ghost City”

Over the years, Fengdu County has focused on poverty alleviation and green development. Now, Fengdu is looking to live up to its name which translates to “the land of harvest” t...
22.08.2019 — 2203 views
Filling the Void

Fengdu County in southwestern China’s Chongqing Municipality is situated at the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir area. It is known as a tourist destination of historical and ...
22.08.2019 — 123 views


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