18.10.2018 — 10 views

China on Film

The exhibition “China: 40 Years through the Lens” opened at the National Museum of China on August 30, 2018. Its 216 photographs document the great changes in economy, culture, society, ecology and people’s livelihoods in China.
Deconstructing Chinese Antique Porcelain

Porcelain is a profound invention of ancient Chinese people and also a major contribution to human civilization from the Chinese nation.
17.10.2018 — 13 views
Taking the Slow Train Home

The classic slow green trains carry not only old memories and distant dreams, but also the hopes and livelihoods of the local people.
12.10.2018 — 52 views
Reflection in the Mirror. Xu Bing: Thought and Method

The exhibition gives Xu Bing a chance to review his works over the past four decades, painting a comprehensive portrait of the artist’s body of work.
21.09.2018 — 125 views
The Classics of Chinese Traditional Villages

The book provides inspiration on how to better protect precious cultural heritage found in China’s traditional villages.
20.09.2018 — 129 views
14.09.2018 — 137 views

Chinese Documentary: Capturing an Era

As Chinese documentaries enter an era of accelerated growth, not only should they be marketed, but cultural brands should be created.
National Treasure

National Treasure recounts the “past and present life stories” of 27 Chinese relics.
07.09.2018 — 116 views
Dong Xiyuan: Painting Tomorrow

On the foundation of inheriting the artistic tradition of Chinese painting, contemporary Chinese painter Dong Xiyuan has built an artistic language that reflects the spirit of t...
06.09.2018 — 107 views
Time-Honored Chongqing Qiaotou Hotpot

A boiling pot cooking a wide variety of ingredients together creates a unique taste every time and a singularly inclusive dining atmosphere.
16.07.2018 — 220 views
Chinese Stories in Traditional Paintings

“Traditional Chinese painting is like embroidery—both need to be carefully examined to find their hidden meaning.”
12.07.2018 — 244 views


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