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28.04.2020 — 371 views

Read Books and Change the World

On World Book Day, 100 mothers around the world jointly published the letter To Mothers, calling on mothers and children to read together.
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Podcasting from China

Listening to podcasts is an intimate experience. Providers must develop other ways to reach out to an audience.
23.04.2020 — 175 views
Strokes of Harmony

“Acquire elements from various arts and melt them into a single piece to create something entirely new.”
13.03.2020 — 367 views
Rising Curtains

There were few better ways to celebrate the 2020 Chinese New Year than watching a play at Beijing People’s Art Theatre.
24.02.2020 — 280 views
People, Architecture, Technology

CADE 2019 highlights the great changes that have taken place in architecture since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 and emphasizes cross-cultural communica...
16.12.2019 — 647 views
04.12.2019 — 533 views

Bones of Culture

Displayed as part of the permanent collections of many institutions around the world, oracle bones inscriptions, “Jiaguwen” in Chinese, have attracted researchers from various countries to study the significance of the artifacts from various persp...
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Song Zhenhao: Oracle Bones Drive International Cultural Exchange

Application of the traditional deconstructing method inspired by Chinese oracle bone script studies in the research of ancient Sumerian cuneiform script has significantly furthe...
04.12.2019 — 455 views
Huang Tianshu: Scripting Chinese Culture

The Chinese characters we use today are descendants of oracle bone inscriptions. This inheritance is the root of Chinese culture.
04.12.2019 — 242 views
Bones of a Language —120th Anniversary of the Discovery of Oracle Bones: Salute and Inheritance

The oracle bone script has exerted considerable influence on Chinese values, philosophy and aesthetics. It is also a cultural legacy for humanity.
03.12.2019 — 226 views
CIPG VP expounds on development of translation in China

Despite tremendous progress in the past seven decades, a problem-oriented approach should be adopted to promote further development of translation and language services in China...
14.11.2019 — 256 views


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