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The second BRF has witnessed the joint efforts of participants to refine the blueprint for the BRI with a consensus on promoting “high-quality cooperation.”
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An Acid Test

Disrupting the two countries' trade relationship will do no good to the U.S. as well as the world economy
20.05.2019 — 32 views
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Protectionism Leads Nowhere

The U.S. government’s decision to impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods will definitely put itself in a mass of contradictions.
19.05.2019 — 74 views
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Testing Times

U.S. hegemony undermines the foundation of cooperation
18.05.2019 — 32 views
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Compromise Is the Foundation

Concessions are a must for a China-U.S. trade deal and the global economy
18.05.2019 — 58 views
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18.05.2019 — 40 views

Wide Repercussions

Experts on the foolhardiness of Trump's tariffs
Claiming US wealth helped rebuild China is simply ridiculous

The "US rebuilding of China" theory, apart from exposing the arrogance, ignorance and skewed mind-set of such people, also reflects their deep-rooted "messianic mentality".
18.05.2019 — 43 views
Washington foolish to defy economics law

The root cause for the repeated twists and turns in the China-US trade talks lies, to a great extent, in the United States' serious deviation from, and disdain for, the objectiv...
18.05.2019 — 32 views
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Trade War: Trump’s ‘Own Goal’

Increased tariffs are aimed at China, but actually impact U.S. consumers
15.05.2019 — 49 views
Pictures from the Heart

“I was moved more by the humanity of the region and its people than by their devotion.”
19.03.2019 — 243 views


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