Belt & Road
A Spring Festival reception for diplomatic envoys to China from SCO countries was held in Beijing on the evening of January 13. Directed by China International Communications Group (CICG) and the S...
BRI Connecting Hearts

“It was a dream come true for me to see what China looks like today,” Nepali Ambassador to China Bishnu Pukar Shrestha said to China Pictorial (CP) during an exclusive intervie...
10.11.2022 — 5413 views
ASEAN Needs China’s Support in Preserving Natural Treasures

ASEAN has made great efforts in protecting its rich biodiversity and promoting ecologically sustainable cities. Erhai Forum on Global Ecological Civilization Construction marks ...
12.10.2021 — 1709 views
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The impact of China-Europe Railway Express – past, present and future

Serbia, a small country in the centre of the Balkan Peninsula, has been a firm supporter and friend of China and has been from the start member of two very well-known Chinese in...
08.07.2021 — 1282 views
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Port of Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg is one of Europe’s biggest hubs for trade with China.
08.07.2021 — 2793 views
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Hungary has always considered the People's Republic of China as an exceptional strategic partner and China has expressed its appreciation and interest in Hungary as the two sides have partnered and implemented a number of projects and initiatives ...
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Belarus is to gain sustainable development of China-Europe Railway Express

Belarus is a kind of land link between China and Europe, providing a large share of all rail traffic on this route.
08.07.2021 — 1250 views
2 1
Turkey-China Freight Trains: A New Page in Turkish-Chinese Partnership

The China-Europe Railway Express marks a significant phase towards Eurasian rail transportation.
08.07.2021 — 1242 views
Vilnius: The Pulse of Europe

China and Lithuania will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations on September 14th, 2021. In this context, China Pictorial invited Diana Mick...
26.03.2021 — 1677 views
【Belt and Road: A Grand Journey】 Cultural Exchanges for People-to-people Ties

Under the guidance of the Silk Road Spirit, China and other countries in the world jointly promote cooperation in various fields such as science and technology, education, cultu...
27.04.2019 — 2026 views


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