21.12.2020 — 174 views

Measures to usher in new stage of growth

Experts hail moves to create dynamic balance between supply and demand Beijing will roll out a number of proactive measures next year to further upgrade supply and boost demand, ushering China's ec...
Conference paves way for economic upgrading

In keeping with the additional importance it acquired due to the global economy struggling in the face of the COVID-19 storm, the Central Economic Work Conference which conclude...
19.12.2020 — 178 views
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Xi Focus: China's further commitments inject impetus for global climate actions

BEIJING, Dec. 12 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday announced the country's further commitments for 2030 to contribute more to tackling the global climate chal...
15.12.2020 — 189 views
Bringing people closer

Winners of the Second CHINAFRICA Short Video Competition announced in Beijing, Cape Town and Dakar
09.12.2020 — 490 views
China, Japan look to boost collaboration

Neighbors should actively work to upgrade economic ties, forum hears Officials and experts from China and Japan have reached agreements that the two countries should strengthen ...
01.12.2020 — 222 views
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Themed "Building the Belt and Road, strengthening digital economy cooperation," this year's expo aims to deepen cooperation in trade, the digital economy, science and technology, health, and other ...
Stress Alleviation Products on Display at CIIE

Among the diverse array of products on display at the 2020 CIIE in Shanghai, Energy Hemp showed dietary supplements made from hemp extracts.
15.11.2020 — 331 views
Accelerated Networking at CIIE

The small booths around the edges of the CIIE exhibition halls have representatives from companies offering many kinds of products and services. If you have a good day at work, ...
10.11.2020 — 692 views
Drink It Up: Drinking Water Filtration Technology on Display at CIIE

American company Multipure exhibited their drinking water filtration technology at the China International Import Expo (CIIE). First participated in the CIIE in 2019, this is th...
10.11.2020 — 571 views
Global High-tech Products at CIIE

A blue-and-white car with a 5G logo at the booth of the Japanese global glass manufacturer AGC catches many visitors’ attention at the exhibition area for Intelligent Industry &...
09.11.2020 — 539 views


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