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15.02.2019 — 79 views

Beyond the Far Side

China’s goal of achieving development from a lunar orbiter to a moon outpost in three decades is remarkably fast.
Lessons from Forty Years of China-U.S. Ties

The China-U.S. relationship hasn’t always been smooth, but it has consistently overcome disagreements to continue improving.
13.02.2019 — 51 views
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A New Year for Retirement Communities

As the “senior wave” hits China, the traditional pension mode is also subtly changing.
03.02.2019 — 67 views
Fast Train to Spring

China’s Spring Festival travel rush has not only become symbolic for the Chinese people, but also drawn attention from around the world.
03.02.2019 — 71 views
Spring Festival: Destination Home

Since ancient times, home has remained tremendously significant for Chinese people. It anchors one’s roots and tugs at the soul. And the Chinese Lunar New Year, also known as th...
02.02.2019 — 70 views
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10.01.2019 — 249 views

Chinese Cultural Torchbearers

Culture nourishes hearts and minds. A handful of people stood out as Chinese cultural icons of 2018 through their achievements in various realms that shared the nation’s cultural landscape, philosophy and athletic spirit with the world.
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G20: World’s Consensus and China’s Action

Xi’s speech conveys China’s determination to deepen reform and opening up and extend goodwill to improve global governance.
09.01.2019 — 150 views
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Art Museums of Tomorrow

Art has transcended the “materialization” setting, and its boundaries continue to expand, resulting in the emergence of uncontained museums.
04.01.2019 — 185 views
Knowledge Is Data

Online education can provide new and feasible solutions for global allocation of educational resources and promote equality in education worldwide.
04.01.2019 — 230 views
Down-to-Earth Movies

We are not only encouraged by the success of Dying to Survive but also gratified by the accumulation of Chinese films—even if they do form the submerged part of the iceberg—beca...
04.01.2019 — 206 views


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