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Sustainable Social Security

For a large country like China, nationwide coordination of pension funds has become an irresistable trend. Building the central adjustment system represents China’s resolution to address challenges in the realm of social security.
Vatman Zhou Donghong: Life of a Master Craftsman

Calligraphy is an artistic treasure of Chinese culture, and rice paper shoulders the important task of holding it. From raw materials to the finished product, each roll of rice ...
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Fantastic Plants and Where to Find Them

“I hope that the Herbal Botanical Garden and the Beijing Expo will help foreign visitors better understand Chinese herbal medicine, more widely use Chinese medicine, and look cl...
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Shandong is Open for Business

Shandong is open for business with high-tech infrastructure, modern business, and cutting-edge agriculture and new gains are being made in ecological conservation.
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2018年12月8日 贵州省毕节市威宁县 阳光新城
Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Bijie: For the Children Left Behind

By establishing supportive industries for poverty reduction, Bijie hopes to attract more migrant workers back home to stay with their kids. Only by their parents coming back wil...
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Tucked in a remote hamlet called Laomudeng in southwestern China's Yunnan province, Yu Wulin's guesthouse looks tidy, cozy, and sometimes exotic given its bamboo-made roofs and floors. In the Nu di...
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New homes in remote Yunnan village to welcome tourists

In a remote hillside village of China's Yunnan province, villagers are readying a grand reopening to welcome back tourists this September, following a two-year hiatus. In the vi...
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Hebi: Big Ideas from a Small City

The stunning transformation of a small city in central China has attracted many foreign students from emerging markets.
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Transforming Jobs in the Age of AI

Should companies use AI to increase productivity and profits, or do they also have a duty to improve the day-to-day routine of their employees?
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WTCF and TRC-CASS Jointly Released the Report on World Tourism Economy Trends 2019

On January 16, 2019, the World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) and the Tourism Research Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (TRC-CASS) jointly released the Report on Wor...
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